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Bratislava, Slovakia – Anti-riot police officers used water cannon and teargas to disperse Gorilla protesters in front of the Slovak parliament building in Bratislava on February 3.

Protesters ripped up paving blocks and threw them at police. Others shouted „No to violence!“ or „Treason!“ Three policemen were injured before the crowd was dispersed.

Dozens of bananas and eggs were thrown and firecrackers banged at the government’s offices and the seat of the president. The participants of the Gorilla Protest expressed their dissatisfaction with the current political situation in the country.

Sources vary in their estimations of the number of participants involved. According to Cas.sk, between ten and fifteen thousand people took part in protest.


The Leaked Document Codenamed Gorilla

The Gorilla Protest rallied against political corruption in Slovakia as indicated by the leaked document codenamed Gorilla.

This leaked document was allegedly prepared by the Slovak intelligence agency (SIS). SIS found significant influence by the Penta Financial Group on senior Slovak politicians between 2005 and 2006 (Dzurinda gov’t). SIS has not confirmed the document’s authenticity.

Penta claims that the online publication of classified document by the webmasters and other news media violates criminal law and threatens to take legal action against them.

Tom Nicholson, an investigative journalist, said he obtained this document in 2009. Nicholson claimed that he was working on a book related to the Gorilla file.

However, the court at the request of the Penta Financial Group stopped publication of this book – without knowing the contents of it.


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